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Willow the Border Terrier

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Vet Surgeon position We are looking for a full, or part-time, companion animal veterinarian. Ideally the person will have at least one year of experience, be a team-player, have excellent communications skills and a good sense of humour. An interest in cardiology, medicine, ophthalmology or ultrasound would be beneficial. Any plans to study for a certificate would be supported. There are no out of hours responsibilities and a shared Saturday rota. The hours and remuneration package are negotiable. Contact Richard Hillam directly if you are interested.   RVN position We are looking to employ a full or part-time Registered Veterinary Nurse. There will be occasional weekday evenings until 7 pm.┬áSaturdays 8 am – 5 pm on a rota basis.┬áThere is no out of hours requirement. Please forward your CV and a covering letter to Selena or... read more

The Summer Smile Dental Promotion

July & August Offer – 15% discount Looking after your pets teeth Our pets are unable to brush and floss their teeth like us, so we need to take responsibility for their dental care. It is not just about keeping the teeth and gums healthy, more about looking after their overall health. Not only can various disease processes manifest as dental disease but problems with the gums and teeth can actually cause disease elsewhere in the body! Clinical signs of dental disease include: Redness of the gums Swelling Bleeding gums Tartar/calculus on the surface of teeth Bad breath Signs of discomfort when eating Dribbling saliva Not eating Dogs and cats can be examined and an assessment made of the severity of any problems that exist inside the mouth. Findings may vary from minor calculus deposits on the teeth, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), infections, abscesses, ulcers and even the presence of oral tumours. These are very serious because they tend to be malignant and very aggressive. Some dogs and cats may need an anaesthetic to enable a thorough assessment of the mouth because conscious examinations can be quite limited, especially in fidgety patients! It is possible that dental X-rays and biopsies may be necessary. Bacteria from the teeth, gums and tooth roots can leach into the bloodstream, enabling them to circulate around the body and cause infections elsewhere. Dogs and cats may even develop heart or kidney disease due to infections which have originated from the mouth. Dental infections cause pain and can make an animal very miserable. Any signs of disease should be checked out because even subtle... read more

News – Microchipping of dogs

Microchipping is now a legal requirement if you own a dog. From 6 April 2016 all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales must be microchipped and registered with a government compliant microchip database. Dogs must have a microchip implanted from two months of age, which is quick and easy to have done. In addition, microchipping is a requirement if you wish to take your dog abroad on the Pet Passport Scheme. Having your dog microchipped also maximises the chance of getting him or her back if they run... read more

Special Offers

This is an offer from Petplan, one of the most reputable pet insurers, to provide a free month of medical insurance for your... read more